Thursday, January 5, 2012

Some of last year's work

These are some pieces I did last year that were inspired by looking at some of the work of the BJP participants. I just set out on my own to play with color and beads. I learned a lot and it was great challenge for myself. I am happy with the end results.

Monday, January 2, 2012

New Beginning

I am beginning this blog to continue on the next leg on my journey of creativity and this ( blogging) is a new path to wander down. I feel like the brand new year is a good time for a new adventure.
I have been quilting and beading for 30 something years(approaching 40) and I would like to write about inspirations and techniques that I have come across on the journey so far.Just this morning I was greeted by a bright coral and baby blue sunrise.
Beautiful in it's everyday-ness. A color combination that would make a beautiful quilt.
I have started a retrospective on the past year and I hope you enjoy looking at the eye candy and perhaps be inspired. I am always inspired by the work of others and how they express their heart and soul. In my heart and my soul,a thread runs through it.