Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The Whole year in the stars

Okay so I decided to post the whole year of photos of my 2012 beaded journey. I have been busy and these were actually all completed by April but I have not caught on to this blogging thingy. As per usual it always comes down to bead or not to bead or quillt or make postcards ...well you get the picture. So here is my whole years worth of stars.

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Friday, March 29, 2013

BJP #8

 I had put aside the stars to work on other projects for a couple of months until I received for my birthday in January the book by Thom Atkins called Beading Artistry for Quilts and was inspired again to continue on my BJP for 2012.Last year, I made the trip  to LaConner Quilt Museum on the very last day of Thom's exhibit and I was awestruck by the size of these works of art. I took many photos but beads lose their lustre in photos. I only wish I could have touched them and felt the texture. I did however get to meet Thom and his wife and I got to show him some of my stars ( just happened to have some in my purse) and he was interested in my inspiration for those pieces. I highly recommend the book to read about his inspirations and if they show the works anywhere in your area, I would say, go and see them up close.

The second star I have completed is called Tide  Pool.I once visited a beach on the coast of Oregon and the tide was out and I crawled up on the rocks with the rest of the kids to gaze and be amazed at the colorful and lively little creatures hiding among the rocks.This was my vision for this star. I like the way it turned out.So here is Tide Pool.

Tide Pool
Tide Pool detail

To bead or not to bead....

Okay so I haven't been here in a long time,but now it's time to reveal two more stars for the 2012 BJP. I have finished eight of them so far..working on nine. The first one I finished is Summer Sizzle...I wanted the feeling of the heat in the summer and the bright feeling of sunshine in your face. So here is Summer Sizzle...
SummerSizzle detail
Summer Sizzle

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Back Forty

I have been working this week on a Toni Whitney applique design. I love the sky in this design and it reminds me of so many farms in the middle of the country. Oh give me land,  lots of land. Reminds me also of the song" Don't Fence Me In". It is ready to quilt and hang on the wall. Thank you Toni for the beautiful designs.

Circle of Life awaiting quilting

I have finished the circle of life and it is basted and awaiting quilting.That was a most difficult project and it is not done yet.I have gone back and forth about hand vs. machine quilting. I am waiting until my muse comes back on this one.Anyway here it is in it's entirety.

June BJP

Okay so I am a Sunday blogger. A once a month Sunday blogger. My June BJP has been finished since the end of May and I have been negligent in posting a photo of it.But here it is: I call it Her Majesty's Jewels.